Sunday, June 21, 2015

Love Is...Patient

Often when we hear this we think of sexually patient. We want to tell young men that true love is patient and if they truly love us then they won't ask for sexual favors too soon. This is true, but let’s challenge ourselves to see how young women are sometimes impatient. Have you ever heard a girl put marital pressure on a guy saying something like, "we need to be engaged in 6 months or I'm breaking up with you"? Love is patient and will wait for the young man to be ready. I consider singleness a gift from God and an opportunity for us to grow with a mind focused only on pleasing God, before we can dedicate our lives to seeking the highest good for another person. Perhaps the reason God has placed you in this relationship and at this point in the relationship with a young man is because the two of you aren't ready for marriage. If a young woman is truly in love then she will be patient with the young man and allow him to purpose marriage when he is ready. True love lasts forever and is comfortable thing it's time for it to be the right time for God. When the Lord is ready for your relationship to progress he will let the young man know. 

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