Monday, February 24, 2014

Lent Bible Study Plan

I am so excited for the season of Lent to start! Join me at The Bible Girl and dig into The Word and fully appreciate the greatest gift we will ever receive.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Listening to children

One of the greatest things about my mother is how much she listened. I have always appreciated her for all the wonderful things she does for the family, but her listening skills are the best. Everyday when she would get home from work she would make dinner and her and I would chat about the day. I loved having mother-daughter time. I know that not all kids get that with their parents. Some people think, "no one listens to me." I never had that with my mom. I realize how much of a blessing she is on my life. I hope to emulate her in this way. Listening is one of the greatest things someone can do for their child and I hope to do the same for my children.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Marijuana and Young People

This week I had a very controversial conversation with someone about marijuana. It is not the first I’ve had, but no one has seemed to argue a point that makes me question my conviction. (Which I would like because, I think that is how we learn and expand our knowledge.) I am firmly against marijuana smoking for me those I hold most dear.
The most important reason I am against it is that you lose focus on what is important. When one does this they are not focusing on God, I’m not sure they are focusing on anything useful. I’ve never heard of someone getting thigh then leading a bible study or curing cancer. From what I know, they eat and nap. Now, I am all for snack time and nap time but not because you’ve spend the past hour smoking a joint. Perhaps that time can be spent cleaning the house, volunteering at a homeless shelter, or planning a tea party bible study.
Another reason I don’t agree is because it alters your mental state. I don’t thing God could approve of us altering the mind he gave us. Marijuana kills brain cells and slows you down. God wants us active and engaged in the blessings He has provided for us. Is smoking really the way to thank Him for all he has done for us?
Another major reason is because of cost! Oh my goodness, why waste money smoking when you can use it for something useful? Pay bills, pay down a loan, home improvements, crafting, donating, tithing. Those are some wonderful, much more productive ways to spend the money.
Of course the major reason for most people is the fact that it is illegal. Obviously, if something is against the lwa you should not be doing it. Why risk having Uncle Sam on your back for doing something so foolish?
The greatest argument I’ve heard from “pro-pot” peoplee is that “it’s an herb.” Of course God gave us these plants, but I don’t believe he gave them to us to smoke. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I am sure marijuana has some wonderful reason for being here, but for the consumption of healthy 25 year olds probably isn’t it.
I stand firmly behing smoking marijuana being bad for your mind, body, and soul. I won’t be doing it, I wont allow my loved ones to do it, and I suggest you refrain from it as well. It doesn’t serve much of a purpose.