Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Listening to children

One of the greatest things about my mother is how much she listened. I have always appreciated her for all the wonderful things she does for the family, but her listening skills are the best. Everyday when she would get home from work she would make dinner and her and I would chat about the day. I loved having mother-daughter time. I know that not all kids get that with their parents. Some people think, "no one listens to me." I never had that with my mom. I realize how much of a blessing she is on my life. I hope to emulate her in this way. Listening is one of the greatest things someone can do for their child and I hope to do the same for my children.

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  1. Hi Lexie , I definitely agree with you. I have two girls , one is 22 months old and our eldest is 4 yrs old..and wow she could talk..a lot! lol I always remind myself to listen , these are small things she talks about but one day I know the benefits are greater and I will look back at those sweet moments :) Stopping by from A Bountiful Love